K E E R T H A N A   A L A G E S H A N

I am an art enthusiast who would love to travel in unexplored paths and create more art and add more beauty to the world. I think beauty lives in simple things that we miss to notice in our daily hustle. Every sunrise and sunset and the shadows accompanying these events are unique every single day and it can never be overrated.


I enjoy or rather celebrate my home land ( Tamil Nadu, India ) and to me, nothing can equate to the beauty of it. The rich heritage that Tamil Nadu possesses is something which never fails to mesmerise me. The smell of temples, rising sun from the horizon of paddy fields, lotus ponds, rivers and lakes, coconut trees and the people who add life to it’s existence. 

I create aesthetically pleasing visuals through digital art and photography.To me, visuals can speak louder than words. My sole intension is to put forth my vision through visuals and resonate with other fellow human beings. As humans we connect by communicating, and art is a beautiful language.

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